Setesdal Bowl, 2007
Lidded Tankard with incised design, 1985
Dragon Style with Runes Bowl, 1994
Setesdal Design Bowl, 1987
Tureen set, 1987
1995 carved bowl with incised lines and stamping.jpeg
Bridget's Bowl, 1990
1995 carved bowls and pitcher.jpeg
Brass Rimmed Setesdal Bowl
Romanesque  budding vine bowl.JPG
Hadeland Pitcher, photo by Jim Johnson
Oseberg Viking Bowl inside.jpg
  Vesterhem Museum Director Marion Nelson saw the ethnic folk crafts revival as a reaction against mass culture because it removed the presence of the human hand from objects of every day use and reduced the possibilities of self-expression.
Gubrunsdal bowl .jpeg
Casserole blue carved johnson.jpg
Casserole acanthus detail johnson.jpg
Red curves bowl.jpg
Swallow bowl det.jpg
Viking Interlacing Trees Bowl with Hardanger
Tokheim Stoneware 1973 sign hand-carved by Franz Richter & Gene Tokheim
Running with Fjordhorses
Ale bowl with chip carving, photo by Jim Johnson
1993 Fjordhorse mug design.jpeg
Blue Fjordhorse pitcher on red.JPG
1 Oseberg Ale bowl.jpg
Blue bowl and ale bowl revise 3 x 255.jpg
2 carved platters detail vert.JPG
Fjord horse platter 1999 blue.jpeg
1989 Rauland Ale bowl.jpeg
Carved staup bowl with horse 2006.jpeg
Fjord horse spirals jul hen 2010 480px.jpg
fjordhorse pitchers.jpg
Fjordhorse platter in green glaze.JPG
Primstav Vesterheim 1993 alpha omega platter  Fjordhorse pitcher.jpeg
Lila Nelson with Carved Picture Bowl
2000 River keeper calligraphy.jpeg
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